We are pleased to present you with a selection of standard ARaymond™* fasteners to developp your Industrial agility. Our plastic and metal fastening solutions are designed to help you reduce assembly time and production cost, whether you are from the HVAC, Home Appliances, Electrical or Lighting industry. Should you need any further information, please contact us! Our teams can help you find the right existing part, or work with you to find a solution for your specific requirements.

  • Metal Cable Clips
  • Cable Clips Screw Fixed
  • Cable Edge Clips
  • Cable ties
  • Stud Mounting Cable Ties
  • Edge Mounting Cable Ties
  • Plug Mounting Cable Ties
  • Cable ties
  • Adapters for Cable Clips & Ties
  • Plug in Adapters
  • Edge Mounting Adapters
  • Palnuts
  • One Piece Decorative Top Hat
  • Self-Locking Decorative Stud
  • Spring Rings, Caps & Grommets
  • Grommets
  • Caps
  • Metal Spring Rings
  • Grounding Clips
  • Grounding clips to fix on a stud
  • Grounding Clips to fix on a panel edge
  • Shaft Clips & Nuts
  • Plastic Snap in Nuts
  • Metal Snap in Nuts
  • Metal Snap on Nuts
  • Stamped Nuts
  • Shaft Retainers
  • Plastic Panel Clips
  • Stud Panel Clips
  • Panel Pins
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