A leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of a wide range of linear motion products, along with custom engineering services. Our core line of linear components includes bearings, shafting, rail assemblies, and cam roller sliders. Building on this strong foundation, we have created a sophisticated family of products that includes lead screws and motor lead screw assemblies, actuators, cartesian robotics, and mechatronics assemblies. The story of PBC Linear begins with an innovative and patented solution in bearing design, the Frelon®-lined plain bearing. That successful bearing design is now part of a larger family of products related to linear motion technologies, with many of them manufactured at our headquarters in Roscoe, Illinois USA. Dedicated engineers at PBC Linear can work with industry professionals to produce prototypes, pilots, and small production runs, helping to bring customer ideas to market.

  • Integral-V Linear Guide Technology
  • IVTABK Linear Guide
  • IVTAAG Linear Guide
  • IVTAAQ Linear Guide
  • IVTAAE Linear Guide
  • IVTAAB Linear Guide
  • IVTAAW Linear Guide
  • IVTAAN Linear Guide
  • Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings
  • Hevi-Rail
  • VW V-Guide Wheel Roller Bearings and Rails
  • CR Commercial Rail Linear Guide Series
  • PAC Hardened Crown Roller Bearings
  • Redi-Rail
  • Round Shaft Technology - Linear Bearings & Linear Guides
  • Square Bearings and Linear Rails
  • Roller Pillow Blocks
  • Linear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks
  • Linear Plain Bearing Pillow Blocks
  • Flange Mounts - Linear Ball Bearing
  • Flange Mounts - Plain Linear Bearings
  • Linear Shafting
  • Linear Shafting Support Rails
  • Simplicity® Precision Sleeve Linear Plain Bearings
  • Ball-type Linear Bearings and Linear BushingsInch, ISO Metric and JIS Metric
  • Linear Plain Bearings with Simplicity® Maintenance-free Liner
  • Lead Screws
  • VS Rectangle Nut - Standard
  • VCF Rectangle Nut - Constant Force Anti-Backlash
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 11 with VCF
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 8 with VCF
  • US Threaded Nut - Standard
  • UCF Threaded Nut - Constant Force Anti-Backlash
  • TS Triangle Nut - Standard
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 14 with TCF
  • TCF Triangle Nut - Constant Force Anti-Backlash
  • RS Round Nut - Standard
  • RCF Round Nut - Constant Force Anti-Backlash
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 23 with RCF
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 17 with RCF
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 14 with RCF
  • Lead Screw Assembly - NEMA 8 with RCF
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